Over the last three days, we have seen thousands of people — each one beloved of God — pass through the doors of our church for the most amazing, joyful, brilliant, extraordinary services of Christmas worship I have ever been a part of. Besides the Christmas songs, another song has been running through my mind.

It is the classic hymn, “Give of Your Best to the Master.” The title says it all.

Hundreds of willing volunteers “gave of their best to the Master.” Singers. Musicians. Stage hands. Greeters. Parking lot attendants (yes, on rainy days). One friend spend hours, shuttling people around in a chilly, but festively lit, golf cart.

Creative hearts designed and built sets and costumes and lighting and decor, choreographed dancers whose joy was contagious, and put together music that touched all our hearts.

Willing hands kept our teams fed. Willing voices greeted each guest. Ushers worked hard finding open seats, and loving hands served coffee, picked up debris, and tidied bathrooms. Moms and dads shepherded three different kids’ choirs (one for each day), young adults served as stage hands, a tech crew made sure the evening ran smoothly. Camera operators, a sound board operator. Online ministers… AND a second auditorium ready to go — and actually used for overflow. I could go on, but I won’t.

Each one gave of their best to the Master. Each one said, “Lord, use my abilities, my words, my hands, my smile, my all to share your love.”

And God used each one in ways that took our breath away.

Thank you. Thank you for showing up night after night. Thank you for treating each of eight services as if it were your first. Thank you for singing and playing and serving with all your might. Thank you for helping people find and follow God.

There are too many names to mention. They will remain, one and all, unsung.

But only One Name is worthy of mention. The One of whom it is said, “For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given…”

The name of JESUS.

The Story of the Savior. The Song of Christmas. Of Love Incarnate. The One who is alone worth it all. The One to whom we give our best, only because he gave his all.

The Greatest Story.

Merry Christmas.

~Bill Giovannetti

THANK YOU for praying, serving, attending, worshipping!

The GREATEST STORY is a wrap!

Enjoy some memories… CLICK to enlarge!


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