Fast track your spiritual growth with a few Godly friendships.

A Circle is simply a group of three people (same gender) who meet together regularly.

Do you have someone in your life who you can talk with about spiritual things? What an important thing it is to have someone who knows us, encourages our faith, and who we encourage as well. We need each other. It’s how God designed us.

“CIRCLES” is a great way to make this a reality. A CIRCLE is a group of three people who meet regularly together for the purpose of encouragement and spiritual growth. You may choose to meet as little as once a month for three months, or as long as every week for a year. Here’s how it works:

  • You think of someone who you’d like to meet with, and ask them if they’d like to do a CIRCLE group with you. Then you both choose a third person to invite.

  • At your first meeting, you decide how often you’d like to meet, when, where and other details. Then choose a format (Bible study, or talk & share prayer requests, or discuss the sermon — the options are endless.)

What do Circles do?

While each circle looks different from the next, in a circle we help each other grow spiritually by agreeing to encourage, to listen, to care, to pray for one another as we point each other to God’s truth.

Here’s Pastor Josh talking about Circles:

We’d love to talk with you more about CIRCLES! Feel free to contact us at the numbers below. Spirituality loves company!

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