This summer we are focusing on rededicating and consecrating our lives to God and then expanding our ministry based on this renewed commitment and prayer.

If you have watched Pastor Bill’s sermons on Ezra you know he has made a call for us at Pathway to consecrate our lives.

If you have made a decision to consecrate and rededicate your life to God, and you acknowledge God is With Me and I Am With Him – we invite you to participate in a special event happening on our campus.

In our time of consecration we say:

God put his hand on me for good

I’m putting his hand with him to trust and obey

At the various times during this summer, you can come by our church grounds and bring with you, or fill out right on site, a paper (click here) where you commit to let go of your idols. God wants you to get rid of them in order to consecrate your life.

You can write down the idols that you want to erase. Let God know you are letting go – whatever those idols are.

We’ll have a box on site where you can drop the sheet in – no one is going to read them – and those papers will be burned or shredded. This will be a symbol of you letting go of the idols that prevent you from a deeper walk and relationship with God.

That’s step one. 

Now for step two.

We’re inviting you to state your intention to live a life of grace-driven holiness.

Grace-driven holiness aligns your heart and life with God’s perfect plan for you.

Consecration is you stating your intention to live a life of grace-driven holiness.

Your acknowledgment: I’m stating my intention to live a life of grace powered holiness

As part of your consecration, we will have a prayer card on site for you to read and prayer through.

Here is the prayer:

Take my life and let it be, consecrated, Lord, to thee. I let go of my idols. I make a clean break with them. I take hold of my riches. I embrace them as my birthright in Christ. I find my treasure in you, God. Not in a thousand other things. I want to be holy. I want Christ’s life to shine through me. I want to get out of the wilderness, and leave spiritual exile behind. I want to live every day in the Promised Land of the fullest possible experience of your grace. So God, I consecrate my life to you. I state right now my intention to live a life of grace-drive holiness. And I open my heart and my life to all these things as best as I can. Through Christ my Savior and Lord. Amen.


To show you commitment to rededication you can put your hand print on our handprint walls. We have gloves, paint and people waiting to assist you.

You will put on a glove, we will paint you hand, and we ask that your prayerfully place your hand on the wall as you affirm your rededication to God.

Finally, we want you to walk away with a tangible reminder of this rededication of your life. We have a specially designed decal that says “WITH HIM” that you can put on your window, laptop, water bottle that you can look at every day to keep in mind your intention to live a life of grace-driven holiness..

Right now you may stop by the church office at the times below to place your handprint on the consecration walls.

  • Tuesday through Thursday – 10:00a to 1:00 p

If you are not local, you want email your handprint, painted or traced to the email below OR you may just let us know you have prayed the prayer of consecration (above) and we’re happy to add your handprint on the wall.