Thank You

For Giving to the Mission of Pathway Church

Your sacrificial and generous contributions help support the mission of
Pathway Church to help people find and follow God.

Gifts and


A heart touched by grace is generous by definition. Thank you for your gifts and offerings to make the mission possible.

Every year, we see hundreds of men, women, and kids find the Savior. We see literally thousands of people transformed in their marriages, careers, parenting, and relationships. Hundreds are set free from bondage and addiction. New life and new hope are born over and over again, because you care enough to give.

Only eternity will show the fruits of your generosity.
Thank you.


Commission Fund

The more we experience God’s grace, the more we want everyone in the world to find the treasure we found in Christ. Jesus loves the whole wide world. When you give to the Great Commission Fund, you are supporting incredible men and women who have gone to the world’s hardest, toughest, neediest places to spread the love of Jesus.

Thank you for your grace-filled heart and generous hands.

Something For


Thank you for visiting us online. We’re a group of fun, imperfect, authentic people with an incredibly strong sense of mission. We’re here for you. Take your time and read about us online. We’d love to meet you in person too. We pray God’s best for you as he helps you step by step along his beautiful Grace Pathway.

Intro to Grace Pathway

At Pathway, we’re all about the Grace Pathway. Click the link to find your place on the journey of faith!