God Grows You


It’s green to remind you of growth.

It shows an arrow God’s wisdom, God’s power, and God’s grace, coming down from heaven, going through you, and back up to God.

Here’s the key verse:

  • “So now, brethren, I commend you to God and to the word of His grace, which is able to build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified. (Acts 20:32)
  • God is raising up a tribe of spiritual grown ups.
  • People who have grit and toughness to handle what life throws at them.
  • People who can give love.
  • People who can receive love.
  • People who can rise above the messed up value system of a world gone made.
  • People who can defeat dysfunction and overcome addiction.People who don’t fall for the devil’s lies.
  • People who know that they are who God says they are, no matter what anybody else says about them.
  • We need mature men and women. Mature students in junior high, high school, and college. We need mature people in shops and stores and factories and on the job site.
  • Just because you’re saved it doesn’t mean you have arrived.
  • The goal of Spiritual Growth is to make you like Jesus.
  • Not that you dress and speak like him.
  • But that you have the character he has, and the strength he has, and the courage he has…
  • You’ve got spiritual muscle because you’ve committed yourself to spiritual growth.


  • It’s hugely important in the Bible. Too many sermonettes for Christianettes.
    • God Saves you, you do that once and you’re done.
    • God Blesses you, you do that for a little while after you’re saved and you move on.
  •  But this, one, the green one, God grows you… this one is huge. You spend your whole life here. You never outgrow your need for growth. God is that big. The gospel is that amazing. The wisdom of God is so big that you can never use it all up.
    • Lights your way.
    • Builds your muscle.
    • Feeds your spirit.
    • Restores your soul.
    • Guides your choices.
    • Ensures your prosperity.
    • Heals your dysfunctions.
    • Ends your confusion.
    • Breaks your addictions.
    • Defeats the devil.
    • And rewires your mind so that you think like Christ.
    • Because you can’t live like Christ until you think like Christ, and you can’t think like Christ without the Bible.
    • Don’t stay a rookie. Don’t stay stuck at the kiddie table. Grow up.
    • This is for you if…
  •  You need to be instructed in the deep things of God in Scripture.
    • It’s for you if you need life-equipping resources, for your dating, or marriage, or finance, or any part of your life.
    • We have life groups. We have classes. We have GrowU.
    • Look for the Green Icon, because those events are to help you grow.