Grace Pathway Assessment

We are all on a journey of faith. And we’re all at different places on that journey.
This little assessment will help you pinpoint your location on the Grace Pathway.

It’s easy…


  1. Each box has three statements.
  2. Think them over, and click the box that best describes where you’re at in your spiritual journey.
  3. We’ll show you some awesome opportunities at Pathway Church that are right for you.

God Saves You


  • I’m pretty new to this whole church and Christian thing.
  • I am investigating Jesus, God, or the Bible.
  • I’ve been around Christians or church, but I’m not confident that I have a true relationship with God.


God Blesses You


  • I struggle with guilt and shame or believing my worth to God.
  • I was saved in the past, I think, but sometimes I worry I lost my salvation.
  • I’d like to learn the basics of how to pray
    and read the Bible.


God Grows You


  • I’m struggling with hurts, habits, and hangups that are hurting my life.
  • Before I move down a pathway, I feel I need some help with some personal issues.
  • I’m pretty distracted by relationship problems, and would appreciate a caring friend.


God Grows You


  • I want to go deeper in my understanding of God and his Word.
  • I have an okay grasp of Bible basics, but I want to make sure I’m solid.
  • I’m ready to meet people in a group or class at Pathway.


God Uses You


  • I am a veteran Christian, solid in my faith, and I want to serve God.
  • I’m interested in being equipped to share my faith.
  • I’m ready to help the mission of Pathway Church in whatever way I can.


God Uses You


  • I want to grow deeper in theology and doctrine than ever before.
  • I’m motivated to become a leader and teacher in my church.
  • God may be calling me into vocational ministry.


Intro to Grace Pathway

At Pathway, we're all about the Grace Pathway. Click the link to find your place on the journey of faith!

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