Healthy Marriages are the cornerstone for families.  At Pathway we want to you to know that we are for you in Marriage. We host Marriage Night weekly to support you as you work to strengthen and enrich your marriage. Whether your marriage is at a 2 or a 10, Marriage Night is a place where you can be fully known as you both celebrate your relationship wins, and work through the issues that are tripping you up and keeping you from God’s best for your marriage.

Marriage Night is centered around 3 things:

  1. God’s word: We provide Biblical truth to help you understand God’s design for marriage. God’s word gives us the map of how to love our spouses.
  2. God’s people: We give you the opportunity to find friendships and connections with other couples. To know that you are not alone in the challenges you are working through and in the wins you are celebrating. This is a safe place to be authentic and to be fully known as you build and grow your marriage.
  3. God’s spirit: It is His spirit in us that helps us to love our spouses the way he calls us to. Wherever you are in your marital satisfaction, the Holy Spirit can help you take your next steps towards oneness in marriage.


This is our format each Tuesday Night:

6:00p – Childcare Opens (free)

6:15p – Coffee, Dessert & Connection

6:30p – Large Group Teaching or Testimony

7-8p – Small Groups


Current Small Groups:

Re Engage

Blended Families

Young Marrieds

Empty Nesters

Married With Teens

Fost Adopt

Open Share Group – everyone welcome

 Marriage night is now being offered online. Email [email protected] for more information or text “GROWMARRIAGE” to 555.888 to register.