What is Partnership?

Partnership is Pathway’s model of membership. Partnership is a commitment between the Partner and the Church. This relationship is a joining of both parties to the mission of helping people find and follow God.

The Partner is committing to put down roots at Pathway. This looks like attending regularly, giving, walking along the Grace Pathway, and serving.

The Church is committing to do all we can to serve, equip, and encourage you and your service.


Who can become a Partner?

An adult who has made Pathway their home church. A person who is attending weekend services on a regular basis.


Why would I become a Partner?

To join hand in hand with a family of believers to accomplish God’s mission.

To utilize available resources to grow and mature as a committed follower of God.


How do I become a Partner?

At Pathway, we require those seeking to become a Partner to attend a Partnership class. The class explains who Pathway Church is and the family of churches that we belong to – The Christian & Missionary Alliance. Once a person has attended the class, they are considered for Partnership.

Contact Us to Become a Partner