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Erin – Thank you everyone so much for your prayers for Hunter he had all three surgeries both wrist and femur   he is awake and eating.  in a lot of pain will be on disability for a long time.   I pray along w healing he will learn something and change his behavior that got him into this mess.   My daughter Samantha is Hunters fiance.  This entire ordeal with Hunter is taking a toll mentally and physically on my Samantha age 24   please pray for her  give her some peace calm wisdom strength and some prospective during this time.  and any thing else you can think of

Kelly  – Please pray for my daughter, she and her husband have been dealing with infertility issues for several years. She suffers from endometriosis, which has caused her many health issues. Please pray for healing for her and comfort and trust in Gods perfect timing ️️ Thank you so much !

C – I am having a difficult time moving on after the untimely death of my loved one. Please pray for me for acceptance and healing of my soul . I feel I need to understand and find out why. Im tired of feeling angry and sad. Thank you.

Steve – I am doing physical therapy so I can walk again and I am practicing to walk in the parking lot so I can walk in to church please pray God will help me do this!

Matt would like prayer for reconciliation of his marriage as he is recovering and cleaning up his act.

Gail Sletner is requesting prayer for her mom, Jeanne, she went by ambulance to the hospital and they discovered she had a mild heart attack.  Jeanne is feeling scared and her body is frail but her mind is strong and she loves the Lord. Prayers for the Lord’s peace, comfort and feeling His presence.

Erin – urgent,  thank you for your continued prayers for my Brother Darren and his wife, after looking at trying to bid on over 200 houses today 3/20/21 they were the first ones to bid on a house in Vancouver Washington, they will find out in the next few days if their bid was excepted.  They are so stressed.  Lord I lift my brother and his family up to you, Lord please give them a hedge of protection during this stressful time. help them find their home, give them guidance, direction, and help them to see light at the end of the tunnel

I am seeing the pulmonologist Monday afternoon,  he will give me the results of the breathing test, and what he recommends I do or take for my asthma.

Steve – I am doing physical therapy so I can walk again and I am practicing to walk in the parking lot so I can walk in to church please pray God will help me do this!

Patty – Pray for Sally Thumel. She is having surgery at Mercy. She has to have stents put in her legs for peripheral arterial disease. Pray all goes well, the surgery is successful, and no complications. Pray for peace for Sally and her daughter.Erin -Lord I pray my brother Darren and his Wife are able to find a house, rental ect to relocate from Colorado to Washington/Oregon area,  their house sold in one day and they have to be out in the next few weeks.  Give them guidance, wisdom, direction

I have an evaluation with a Pulmomologist for my asthma,  Lord I pray the appointment goes well and the dr is able to help me with continued long term care, give him wisdom, guidence, directions to take care of all my needs. My car is smelling like sulfer, I will be taking it in to the mechanic  I think it could be the Cadilidic Converter  very expensive,  and I need my car to get around.  Lord please direct me and give me wisdom, open a door to make it possible I am able to get what ever needs replaced fixed addressed. Pray for my daughter Samantha give her strength, wisdom, guidance in week and at work, give her direction in using her money wisely, and a hedge of protection around her

Anonymous – My grandfather is in the stages of preparing to transition to his journey back to heaven. I ask for prayers that it is painless and peaceful. He is suffering right now. Him and my grandmother have been married for 73 years and please pray for her broken heart and for to find comfort and solace in knowing he will be in a better place

Please pray for my husband and children, my husband has been so er from drugs and alcohol for almost 2 years and is doing amazing but my way husband committed suicide under the influence if drugs and I have do doubt that the enemy is still out to destroy what is good, noble and Godly in my life today. Please pray for continued family reunification, sobriety for my husband, protection for my children and for us to live the life that God intended for us to live, in his will and not our own

Please pray for my baby sister and her children that they find a safe place to live and the means to live life self sufficiently and to be happy. They dont pray much so I ask that you to please do that, our entire family needs all the prayers that we can get. Thank you and God BMargaret – Oh behalf of my friend Brenda; Her son Joe’s dad is back in the hospital.  Blocked blood vessels and needs surgery.  Joe is going back to Wisconsin next month. Brenda is currently out of town and Joe is holding up taking care of his dad and grandma.  She asked for prayer and is grateful

Phil – Please pray for my mom Lorraine’s salvation and pray for her healing. She lost her hearing, has memory loss, bad posture, body pain, and blood pressure issues. Pray for excellent health. Pray for a long life for Lorraine, in Jesus’ name. Pray for the removal of debt regarding Lorraine, in Jesus’ name. Pray Lorraine’s possessions last a hundred times longer and become newer each day. Also, please pray for salvation and excellent health and long life for my uncle Seve and aunt Jackie

Patty – My sister Carolyn won’t speak to me or answer my calls or texts. She seems to be upset at me because she was (I thought) choking at a restaurant and I was concerned and asked for help from the staff. It was outside and no one was around. The staff just asked her if she was okay. There was nothing embarrassing about it, at least to me. She has not spoken to me since. Pray she will forgive me. I wondered if she would rather I let her choke. I did text her to tell her I was sorry I embarrassed her even though she never told me; she just tattles to my sister about me behind my back, but is not able to tell me to my face. She is very passive. I give this to God. There is nothing more I can do. Thank you for your prayers.

Pray for my sister Donna’s grandkids. They are grown granddaughter and grandson trying to live together because of costs. Neither are married, neither work anymore. The granddaughter has 2 kids from 2 different fathers to raise by herself. The grandson has met a gal. She has 2 kids and 1 on the way which may be the grandson’s baby. The grandson and girlfriend take drugs/alcohol and fight all the time and the kids cry all the time. The granddaughter told her grandma she cannot take it anymore. I think she wants to move in with her grandma, but my sister has let her stay there before and it is utter chaos and my sister has many health problems. The situation in the home where the granddaughter and grandson live is in need of major intervention. It would be good for the grandson and granddaughter to go to Celebrate Recovery. I don’t know if they will.  Please God intervene in a major way in this situation is my prayer. Thank you.

Claudia – A12-year old girl is missing.  She went outside and is gone.  This is the niece of a close friend.  Thank you.




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